What Do You Need From An Emergency Roof Repair?

Over the years we have learned to prepare our clients with what to expect. Unfortunately, not all repairs will result in a permanent/long-term fix. We aim to provide water tightening at the very minimum.

In order to provide our clients with the best roofing service in Ottawa, our service technicians will arrive at your home within the time provided to you via the office. Once they have arrived and checked in with our clients they will come inside the house to determine where the leak is occurring and that is where the investigation will begin. The next step would be for them to go up to the Attic if they find it necessary in order to determine exactly what is happening.

Once all of the investigation insides is complete, our techs will set up a ladder and safety Equipment. They will look for any irregularities on the roof. Once they have determined the cause/source of the leak they will notify the office of the issues and possible solutions. At this point, the office will contact you providing photos and solutions. If your roof is deemed irreparable with minor service, it will be tarped in order to provide waterproofing. At that point, a quote will be provided, and likely enough time to seek out other quotes/opinions.



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