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Soffit and Fascia

Vanity Roofing has been proudly providing soffit & fascia services in Ottawa and surrounding areas (Barrhaven, Orleans, Kanata, The Glebe, Westbro, Nepean, Gloucester, Southkeys, Riverside South, Finley Creek) for many years now. As a company that prides ourselves in perfection, we display our intricate craftsmanship on every job we do. We offer many services including installation, repair, and maintenance to keep your home safe, secure, and appealing. For an honest opinion, you can count on our trusted team. Give us a call for 24hour service at 613 851 4448.


The soffit is the underbelly of your roof’s overhang. It is essential to have a properly working soffit to ventilate the air. The soffit allows a steady air stream to flow through your roof to prevent molding, mildew, and rotten wood, overall increasing the longevity of your roofing system and providing your home with quality air. With many selections in a variety of different materials and colors, Vanity Roofing helps you pick the appropriate choice for all types of homes.


Fascia is the board that runs behind the gutter, or along the roof line boxing in the overhang. Soffit is the “floor” of the roof the underside paneling that extends from house to the edge of the gutter, enclosing the space between and sealing it from the elements.

Fascia can be made from wood, composites, aluminum and other metals. Proper installation of fascia is extremely important in how well your home is protected. Fascia can also be vulnerable to water damage, which can result in the problems of mould, rot or rust.

Soffit & Fascia Repair

Soffit and Fascia protect the structural integrity of your home. They also add those finishing touches that complete the look of a building’s exterior. An improperly working vented soffit could cost you thousands in energy bill. A well-ventilated soffit keeps your home cooler in the summer and helps prevent ice dams from forming at the edges of your Ottawa roofs in the winter. In certain cases, if left untreated your attic could start to grow mould and mildew due to the moisture not being able to escape. Let our team at Vanity Roofing help you protect your biggest asset. We have trained, honest professionals giving you an honest opinion you can trust. Give our team a call today to discuss your projects needs. We’d love to help you.

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