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Vanity Roofing has completed many Ottawa commercial roofing projects. Offering 24/7 service for commercial roof repairs in Ottawa. We have highly trained & experienced staff to find leaks & find cost-effective solutions. We provide the latest Single Ply and 2 Ply Modified Bitumen Membrane systems for buildings such as school, hospitals, & Low-Rise Apartment buildings.

Single Ply Roofing

Single Ply roofing membranes provide a variety of materials to choose from. Their main characteristic is that they are designed to be installed in one layer. Single ply roofing method provides great flexibility and UV radiation coverage. For Ottawa roofs, they are great for small areas such as over porches or garages. Their single layer design is lighter and more cost effective both on material and labour. Single Ply breaks down to two categories, Thermosets and thermoplastics. Thermoset is compounds made from a synthetic rubber polymer, most commonly used polymers are Neoprene, EPDM, and CSPE. They are more ideal for a bigger roofing area because their manufactured sizing is significantly larger to reduce the numbers of seams. They typically come in black or white, black as an additional component increases the UV protection levels, whereas in white a titanium dioxide is added to increase the reflection property against UV rays.

The two different types of thermoplastics are PVC and TPO. PVC is considered the stronger of the two, flame retardant and does not get weakened over time by chemicals, oils, and grease. Similar to the Thermoset, except the seams are welded together by heat. Thermoplastic also have a second layer typically made from polyester or fibreglass. It provides strength and stability to the finished product.

Modified Bitumen Membrane Roofs

Instead of a single layer system, torch on roofing is available in two-layers or three-layers system. In a two-layer system the first layer is ISO/PROTECTION, this helps protect the wooden or metal roof deck from fire. Then the second layer, the layer that we see, is an asphalt granular surface also known as the CAP.

The three-layer system is fairly similar however the first layer put down would be a roofing recovery board. Recovery board adds insulation to help with moisture protection. This layer is lightweight and has a closed cell structure to fight against moisture, extending its lifetime without rotting or decaying.

Cedar & Laminate Shingles

We also offer cedar and laminate shingles as an option for commercial roofing installs and repairs. Please contact us to learn more.


We have 24-hour emergency repairs and inspections.

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