Ottawa Roof Leak Repair

Ottawa Roof Leak Repair

A successful roof leak repair is determining what is causing the roof leak and/or where the roof leak is coming from. Most often determining the source of the leak is quite easy, however, it may also turn out quite difficult to determine exactly where the water is coming from. Water is tricky in that you may see water damage on a ceiling, 10-20 feet away from where the water is actually leaking.


How much does it cost to repair your leaking roof in Ottawa? The answer is it greatly depends on the cause of the leak. We do have a job minimum of $250-$399 depending on your proximity to our offices in Ottawa and surrounding areas. This covers our travel time and the resources we dedicate towards determining what your roofing issue may be. We fix hundreds of small roof leaks each year here in the Ottawa Area, 90% of those projects end up in the $275-$400 range.

Most Common Roof Leak Repairs Include:

  • Roof to sidewall flashings (bad step flashings, dormer flashings, and counter flashings)
  • Ice Damning
  • Boot flashings (cracked rubber seals)
  • Vents (cracked or crushed)
  • Skylights repairs or replacements (bad seals, flashings, etc)
  • Damaged Downspouts
  • Blow-off Shingles (asphalt roof repairs, etc)
  • Flat roof repairs (Cold Apply, Modified Bitumen, Torched on, etc.)
  • Chimney flashing repairs, Chimney Capping

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